Lot Preview: Billy Fury Early Demo Acetate Record

Our upcoming Music (Records, Instruments & Memorabilia) auction features a rare treat!.

An early Billy Fury 12″ demo record, recorded onto an Emidisc Acetate (also known as a ‘dubplate’).


We are providing a small writeup, images and an audio example of the record here:


Click on images to view full size.

Side 1 marked “Billy Fury” and “4th Track: ‘Come Outside + Play’, Vic Smith, Sticks Music”.
Side 2 marked “2nd Track: ‘Dreaming of St. Louis’. Vic Smith + Rodger Bain. Sticks Music.”


Rodger Bain later later became well known for producing heavy-metal albums including Black Sabbath’s first 3 albums, Budgie’s first two albums and Judas Priest’s debut album.


The record is assumed to be an Artists’ or Managements Copy of a very early demo as indicated by the written markings and Emidisc Acetate Blank Template the record is cut onto.


The demo features various (presumed) early arrangements of his later hits as well as many stylistically unorthodox tracks of which we haven’t been able to find any recordings of, or information on through our research.


The opening track “Day by Day” for example; is a very different track to the well known Billy Fury hit of the same name. The demo track fuses together African Rhythmic Drumming, Reggae, and Blues signature aesthetics; wrapped into a classic Pop arrangement. This style as is a far stretch from the classic Rock ‘n’ Roll sound Billy Fury is famous for and shows off a very different side of his influences and


We have carefully created a single recording of the entire record in order to provide a full audio example of the record’s content. Care has been taken as we are aware this is an acetate cut record and therefore has a limited amount of plays before quality will degrade.


PLEASE NOTE! – The audio example we are providing here has been converted to a MUCH LOWER QUALITY than the original recording. (96kbps MP3). The record itself has a surprisingly great quality and sound for a demo cut acetate of it’s age. We may be able to provide full quality versions of small sections on request.



The Record is Lot 34 in our Music (Records, Instruments & Memorabilia) & Militaria auction taking place this coming Wednesday July 11th.


The auction starts at 10am, doors open 8.30am.

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